Try a new thing


I always admired people who could do things with their own hands, whether it is crafts, art, gardening, or fixing things around the house.  So I took inspiration from these people and started doing my own handmade soap.

So far I have made 7 batches where I used olive and coconut oils.  I experimented with adding lavender essential oil, oatmeal, honey, calendula petals, and even coffee grinds.  I tried both the hot and cold process and decided that I prefer cold process soaps.  For my last batch I made a pure “Castile” soap using extra virgin olive oil with no additives.  I am told that this will need at least 6 months of curing for the soaps to be hard enough and give a good lather.  I plan to use this soap for my hair and my face.

I have been using the hot process soaps which I made with oatmeal and lavender now for about a month .  The oatmeal is a very gentle exfoliant and I love the way my skin feels.

I am watching a lot of You-Tube videos on the subject of soap making to learn different techniques and ideas for homemade soaps.

If you want to make your own soap watch some videos and chose an easy recipe then just go for it….TRY A NEW THING….and let me know how you feel.

I feel happy and excited.